Cross Country Runners Dominate!

A huge congratulations to our cross-country runners for a brief but wonderful season. It was great to see our runners working hard and excited to be out!

After our timed runs the week of October 12th, we have received results back from West Central. Mrs. G and Ms. K are very proud of the representation Beechy School has in these results!

Pee Wee Boys (2 km): (Placing 1st through 4th in West Central!!)
Truitt Hey - 9:04:02
Rhys Schury - 9:04:51
Carter Hanke - 10:43:01
Ryder Ringrose - 12:01:38

Pee Wee Girls (2 km): (Placing 1st in West Central!!)
Macklin Connor - 11:53:29

Bantam Boys (3 km): (Placing 2nd and 3rd in West Central!!)
       2. Owen Odermatt - 15:08:91
       3. Espen Hermanson - 17:15:41

Bantam Girls (3 km): (Placing 4th, 5th, and 6th in West Central!!)
       4. Justine Horn - 18:21:14
       5. Taylor Schury - 19:37:12
       6. Julia Wiens - 19:38:42

Thanks for a great season!

27 October, 2020