Beechy School
Community Council

The Beechy School Community Council has worked to support the learning goals of Beechy students for years.  This group has put their time and effort into ensuring a supportive, welcoming learning community for all.  Our beautiful playground is thanks to their efforts (with the help of the Beechy Royal Purple), and they never hesitate to support what is best for the students.  We are looking forward to inviting our SCC, as well as parents and community members, back into our building for learning events.
The committee meets monthly to plan events and provide input to the school on various topics. 
We would like to extend a thank you to our committee members for volunteering to be part of our SCC! Your continued support makes a difference! 

Committee Members are:
Melissa Haugen (Chair)
Brandi Stroeder(Vice Chair)
Karen Hermanson(Secretary)
Janine Baxter (Treasurer)
Linda Cooper
Michelle Walsh
Samantha Ayles
Laura Lie Schellenberg
Becky Dubasov (School Representative - Teacher)
Leia Hey (School Representative - Principal)

Scott Sander (Board Representative)